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Svuex is a perfect combination of human and artificial intelligence that is used to carry out transactions in the cryptocurrency market. The broker's AI technology helps us achieve better investment results for our clients.

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Cryptocurrencies with an independent issuing mechanism open up new prospects. Join Svuex from anywhere in the world and enjoy the advantages of an AI broker.


Quasar AI Broker offers a large selection of investments, ranging from $10 to $5,000, favorable periods of the broker's work: from 15 to 65 days (about 2 months), with an interest rate of up to 2% per day depending on the period of the broker's work. There are no restrictions on the number of active investments and no fees for withdrawing cryptocurrencies, which makes investing simple and profitable.


AI Broker Synergy offers long-term investments that provide high daily income. The minimum investment amount is $2,000. A limited number of active investments provide a high interest rate. You can also increase your income by up to 0.5% per day using the function for selecting an additional broker period.


AI Broker Prosper is your reliable partner in the world of investing. The minimum investment amount is from $700. Receive a stable income daily or once a week using the interest rate period feature. 0 commission for withdrawing cryptocurrency, and flexible terms for calculating interest rates.

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