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Our platform offers cutting-edge tools and technologies for your investment growth. We create unique opportunities for every investor, from novice to professional, to help them achieve their financial goals and confidently step into the future.
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About Svuex / AI Crypto Brokers

Svuex is a perfect combination of human and artificial intelligence that is used to carry out transactions in the cryptocurrency market. The broker's AI technology helps us achieve better investment results for our clients.

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Invest with confidence using Svuex Broker and AI technology

Cryptocurrencies with an independent issuing mechanism open up new prospects. Join Svuex from anywhere in the world and enjoy the advantages of an AI broker.


AI Broker Kinetic is a new generation of investment brokers. The minimum investment amount is from $100. The broker's work is based on the principle of dynamic interest rates, which depend on the broker's work period. The broker's work period is from 30 to 80 days. The interest rate is up to 2.9% per day. Capitalization is available. The accrual of interest is available daily or weekly.


AI Broker Prosper is your reliable partner in the world of investing. The minimum investment amount is from $700. Receive a stable income daily or once a week using the interest rate period feature. 0 commission for withdrawing cryptocurrency, and flexible terms for calculating interest rates.


Quasar AI Broker offers a large selection of investments, ranging from $10 to $5,000, favorable periods of the broker's work: from 15 to 65 days (about 2 months), with an interest rate of up to 2% per day depending on the period of the broker's work. There are no restrictions on the number of active investments and no fees for withdrawing cryptocurrencies, which makes investing simple and profitable.


AI Broker Synergy offers long-term investments that provide high daily income. The minimum investment amount is $2,000. A limited number of active investments provide a high interest rate. You can also increase your income by up to 0.5% per day using the function for selecting an additional broker period.

Invest Anywhere, Anytime

Discover the power of investing on the go with the upcoming Svuex mobile app for iOS and Android.

Seamlessly manage your portfolio, execute trades, and stay updated with market trends, all from the palm of your hand. Whether you're commuting, traveling, or simply relaxing at home, Svuex empowers you to take control of your investments wherever life takes you.

Stay tuned for valuable resources and assistance to enhance your experience. Thank you for your patience!
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How it works?

Learn how to kickstart your investment journey with Svuex in just a few simple steps. From creating your account to withdrawing your profits, we'll guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience every step of the way.

Start Your Journey Begin your investment journey by creating an account with Svuex. It's quick, easy, and secure. Once registered, verify your account to unlock full access to our platform.
Funding Your Future Take the next step in building your investment portfolio by depositing funds into your Svuex account. Choose from a variety of payment methods to add funds securely and conveniently.
Tailored Investments Select the perfect broker to match your investment goals and preferences. Our platform offers a diverse range of brokers, each with unique strategies and opportunities to help you achieve financial success.
Let the Magic Happen Sit back and relax as your chosen broker goes to work on your investment. Our automated systems ensure efficient execution, allowing you to track progress and stay informed every step of the way.
Watch Your Wealth Grow Experience the thrill of watching your profits grow with Svuex. As your investment generates returns, your account will be credited with accrued profits, bringing you one step closer to your financial goals.
Access Your Earnings Ready to enjoy the fruits of your investment? Easily withdraw your earnings to your preferred wallet or bank account. Our streamlined withdrawal process ensures fast and hassle-free transactions.

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5 Level Referral Program

1. Get your link
Generate a referral link and QR codes
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Invite your friends to register through the referral link or QR codes
3. Get rewards
Receive up to 18% commission on real time
Level1 8%
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Level5 1%

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